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Lets go!

First of all i’m Nigerian, second, i like enjoyment(or as we say in naija,i like to “joli”), third, i like to write. So basically this blog is a  coverage of the things i enjoy or find interesting, or noteworthy, written from a uniquely Nigerian perspective. Hopefully someone will find it creative, witty or entertaining.i also reserve the right to blurt out any ill-concieved and annoying thought, opinion, or brainfart i want and not give a fuck.
There will of course be the occassional drop of wisdom and the random burst of intelligence cos i cant help it(i’m smart like that:)).I will venture into the arts, entertainment, current affairs, food, and  the broader landscape of  society, culture, and politics to poke and peer at their curious and ridiculous antics and sometimes bring back amusing reports.


About thehedonisticnigerian

She's fond of Chocolates,Coffee,Books,Neosoul,Jazz,Art(visual&performing),Writing,Nigerian culture,natural hair, nutella and alcohol among other things. She seeks and finds pleasure in not so obvious places and likes to look people in the eyes till they look away.Her behaviour sometimes resembles that of a decadent roman noblewoman and sometimes,a Lagos tout.

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