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Easy skanking…

Strolling along the beach……..

Him: “I hate it when it hits you too quick.the pleasure’s in the puffing and passing.”

Me: “Why stroll, when you could be flying?”

Him: “i like to cruise into my high, not  hit the sky one time”

Me: Passing the joint over…..”SSSSShhhh!”

good times!TGIF people.



About thehedonisticnigerian

She's fond of Chocolates,Coffee,Books,Neosoul,Jazz,Art(visual&performing),Writing,Nigerian culture,natural hair, nutella and alcohol among other things. She seeks and finds pleasure in not so obvious places and likes to look people in the eyes till they look away.Her behaviour sometimes resembles that of a decadent roman noblewoman and sometimes,a Lagos tout.

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