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While we live…..

Hi guys,

So i’m back from my self imposed exile. i wish that i could say i missed blogging, but the truth is i never got used to it, not enough to miss it anyway.And honestly, i forgot this place still exsisted. But the good news is i’m back again to give it another shot.Lets see how it goes this time.

What have i been up to? Oh everything,but to summarize….LIFE!.Eating,drinking,dancing,laughing,making love,crying,writing,working,reading,shouting, you know, living life in its beautiful and crazy entirety. In the months since i last posted here, i have LIVED!  This particular morning, it feels more beautiful than ever to be alive, it feels so fucking great!

There was a plane crash in Lagos yesterday, and 153 people(or more)left this world abruptly,suddenly, without warning or notice, they were gone in a blaze of flames.It is a dark day indeed. Many families have been thrown into mourning.In the next couple of weeks there will be accusations and counter accusations, jobs will probably be lost. But for those who were on the flight,it is the end(or the beginning, depending on your view of the afterlife). This just fills me with a burning desire to get on with my life,to pick up those unfinished projects and finish them, to give procrastination the heave-ho.

I keep thinking, what if someone on that plane had a book they were yet to finish writing, or an unfinished painting, or a budding idea that could have changed the world? Life comes with no gaurantees people,no time outs,no second chances.Get out there and Live. I mourn for all that were lost in the Dana plane crash, i mourn for their families, but most of all i mourn for those dreams that went down in flames.

RIP dearly departed.



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She's fond of Chocolates,Coffee,Books,Neosoul,Jazz,Art(visual&performing),Writing,Nigerian culture,natural hair, nutella and alcohol among other things. She seeks and finds pleasure in not so obvious places and likes to look people in the eyes till they look away.Her behaviour sometimes resembles that of a decadent roman noblewoman and sometimes,a Lagos tout.

One response to “While we live…..

  1. Rita Ighodalo ⋅

    Hmmm!! So sad may thuee souls rest in peace

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